Fitness Matching Based on Interests and Goals: Meet Your Match with the TeamUp Fitness App

TemUp Fitness

When looking for a new workout partner, fitness companion or trainer, TeamUp Fitness App connects you with the right fit.

As fitness and working out become an option again with the reopening of gyms and workout centers across the country, fitness enthusiasts are looking for a partner or even a group to keep them accountable and motivated in the gym.

TeamUp Fitness understands the connection between fitness and community and has created a community-driven mobile app that provides individuals with an outlet to meet workout partners, make new friends, connect with professionals and possibly find their fitness soulmate!

The unique power of the TeamUp Fitness app lies in its ability to connect people in the same area, and even worldwide, who share common activities, goals and a love for leading an active lifestyle.

"Now more than ever, because of the pandemic, people crave connection," said Tony Trombetta, CEO of TeamUp Fitness. "Through our app, we've created a place where people of all fitness backgrounds can come together and connect with others who share the same goals and interests."

How does it work? Simply sign up for a free profile, add your photo, fitness goals, and location, then explore your connections based on who matches you or is seeking a workout partner with similar goals to yours. This system of matching based on interests and goals help users find the right fitness partner, while also helping users reap the benefits of working out with a fitness companion.

Also, the app allows users to explore professional trainers, nutritionists, or even find new gyms in their area. Everytime a user is working out, their profile can be set as "training now" and any connections will get notified that their potential match is working up a sweat!

"The mental and physical health benefits of working out with a fitness companion are seemingly endless," Trombetta noted. "Our team is motivated to continue adding to our app to help people from all over the world connect and motivate each other to exceed their fitness goals, together."

About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness is a Social, Lifestyle, and Fitness Connection - Dating platform developed to bring the entire fitness community together. Connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends, new workout partners, fitness professionals and possibly find your Fitness Soulmate!

Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store today. 

Alexis Quintal

Source: Newswire