Get Matched with the Fitness Companion of Your Dreams

Get Matched with the Fitness Companion of Your Dreams

For those looking to date this holiday season, the TeamUp Fitness App helps fitness enthusiasts connect with other enthusiasts who are eager to find the "ONE" true fitness companion.

The TeamUp Fitness App is the place to find and connect with other fitness gurus and enthusiasts. With the app's emphasis on social interactivity, users are able to meet in-person or virtually with people who make health & fitness a top priority and find partners who are compatible with their fitness goals. App users can find their one true fitness companion - a person who can challenge the user's fitness regimen and help them stay on track with their workout plans through the holiday season and beyond.

In a lot of ways, TeamUp is very similar to some of the most popular dating apps on the market.  Each individual user has the ability to create their own personalized profile, specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts to reflect their interests and goals. This, in addition to the messaging and connectivity features, has positioned the TeamUp Fitness App to be the leading "dating app" of the fitness industry.

"As funny as it sounds, finding a great workout partner is a lot like dating, said Frank Peperno, CMO.

"First, you need to do some research and interact with someone to feel out compatibility. From there, you can determine if that person is going to push you and challenge you in hopes that you improve your overall lifestyle. When it comes to fitness, that level of interaction is what TeamUp brings to the table."

On the TeamUp Fitness App, users can find people in their local area who are interested in similar workouts and athletic activities, including gym workouts, weightlifting, indoor cardio, yoga, Pilates, outdoor running, hiking, sports, and more. The app's ability to connect users with people from around the world can help those looking to make new friends and learn more about fitness during a time at which such activities have become challenging.

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About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness is a community-based platform that's specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals. Members from all over the world join the platform to meet new friends, workout partners, fitness professionals and nutritionists. TeamUp has positioned itself to be the leading "dating app" of the fitness industry. 


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