Get Your Summer Body Back and Connect with a Fitness Companion Using the TeamUp Fitness App

TeamUp Fitness App

TeamUp offers the best of both worlds, getting fit and finding love all in one specialized app.

As we emerge from multiple waves of the pandemic and a brutal winter for the majority of the country, the first day of summer is quickly approaching. Every day, millions of American's are getting vaccinated and that can mean one thing -- it's time for that summer body! 

Gyms are slowly reopening and people are looking to not only change their nutrition habits but their lifestyle habits. The one app to help you achieve your ideal summer body and find a fit companion is the TeamUp Fitness community. 

Numerous blogs will tell you the basics: stay hydrated, workout plans, diet tips, and how to record your progress. An article by Shape presented a 30-step plan on how to achieve your ideal summer body, which includes nutrition plans, varying workouts and training with a workout buddy. 

However, TeamUp Fitness is the one resource you'll need to get your summer body back. The app was launched as a social, lifestyle, and fitness connection dating platform and has continued to develop into a place where the fitness community can come together - especially during a time when gyms are slowly opening back up, people are realizing they've lost their healthy habits and gained weight from the pandemic, and people are trying to get back into going to the gym and fitness centers or even picking back up their at-home-equipment.  

All the plans presented above and across varying blogs are available in one place on the TeamUp Fitness App. Features of the app include a section to connect with a nutritionist who can create the ideal diet to drop some of those pandemic pounds. Another feature is the chance to connect with Fitness trainers who are available to provide workout tips and develop a workout program based on your fitness goals. 

"The fitness world is filled with hundreds of different nutrition plans and workout plans. However, the TeamUp Fitness app brings all the expertise of the fitness industry into the palm of your hands," said Frank Peperno, Chief Marketing Officer of TeamUp Fitness. "This one app provides users leading-class expertise from personal trainers and nutritionists to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle and get that Summer Body you've always wanted with the right team and partner."

TeamUp Fitness is available for download today on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

About TeamUp Fitness:

TeamUp Fitness is a Social, Lifestyle, and Fitness Dating platform developed to bring the fitness community together. Connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends, new workout partners, fitness professionals and find your Fitness Soulmate. 

Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store today.

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