New Year, New You, New Fitness Dating Opportunities with the TeamUp Fitness App

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TeamUp Fitness is helping people all over the world connect and reach their fitness goals with a new feature called "Fitness Hookups".

TeamUp Fitness has created a community-driven mobile app that provides individuals with an outlet to meet workout partners, make new friends, and find a fit companion for a workout or a fitness date.

To build on the notion of community that so many people crave as a result of the pandemic, TeamUp Fitness has created a new feature called Fitness HookUps that helps individuals find other like-minded members to connect either virtually or meet in person to workout. This feature also lets our members know who is interested in them to potentially find their fit companion.

"When you think of the term 'hookup' your mind might go elsewhere," said Tony Trombetta, CEO of TeamUp Fitness, "But our definition of the word is rooted in creating a meeting place for individuals to connect with others, learn something new like incorporating a different exercise into their fitness routine, gaining self-confidence, and getting one step closer to the goals they've set for themselves with the help of others."

The New Year comes with a clean slate to capitalize on opportunities to discover life outside the bounds of our comfort zones, and with this in mind, TeamUp Fitness, through the creation of Fitness HookUps is helping fitness-focused people who share common goals find, connect, workout and find their fit companion.

TeamUp Fitness app users can:

  • Post unlimited photos and videos
  • Get motivated by viewing other users' feeds
  • Read and reply to comments with unlimited messaging
  • Filter searches by fitness activities, fitness goals, distance, and more

"We all have untapped potential, and our hope is that, through Fitness HookUps, individuals from all over the world can come together to reach their personal goals while motivating others to do the same," Trombetta noted, "Using fitness hookups is a great way to find a workout partner or find the fit companion you've been looking for."

The TeamUp Fitness app is now available in the Apple and Android Stores

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About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness is a lifestyle platform that's specifically designed to bring the fitness community together. Members from all over the world join TeamUp to find fit companions, new workout partners, and fitness friends. Not only has TeamUp positioned itself to be the leading "dating app" of the fitness industry it is also a platform dedicated to health and fitness.


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