TeamUp Fitness App Helps Connect People Around the World to 'Get Fit and Find Love'

TeamUp Fitness App

Founders of the fitness dating and fitness connection app recently launched a new feature that is creating waves in the dating app space.

TeamUp Fitness, a social, lifestyle, and fitness dating app, provides individuals with an outlet to meet new workout partners, make new fitness friends, or possibly find their fitness soulmate. The App's newest feature, "Lock Your Content," is a game-changer for dating fitness apps or dating apps in general.

"We wanted to create something completely different and fun," says Tony Trombetta, CEO of TeamUp Fitness. "By adding this 'Lock Your Content' feature to our playbook, members can lock a post such as a photo of them working out or showing off their hard work in the gym."

When a post is locked, it becomes shaded out and the only way to view it is to pay the member to unlock the post. This is an added benefit of using the app and a great way to earn some cash to pay for a fitness date at the gym or hot yoga class, or better yet, a couples massage after the workout.

"This is a really unique feature and the feedback we have received has been tremendous," says Trombetta. "We're learning of many creative and fun ways our members are taking advantage of this feature and seeing how fast their earnings add up."

"When the pandemic began, it was a year like no other, and it challenged many companies to change the way they think and adapt their business model," said Trombetta. "At TeamUp Fitness, we also had to adapt, and our team got to work designing new features. We added the dating dynamic along with the new locked content feature, which created simple ways to break the ice with other members."

What's next in store for TeamUp? They plan to use these new features and expansion of the app to become the go-to resource for fitness connections and dating.

Since launching in 2020, TeamUp Fitness has offered an innovative platform combining social networking, lifestyle sharing, and online dating to bring the fitness community together. In addition to helping people find new friends who share the same activities or wellness goals, the app also is used by fitness trainers and nutritionists to build their business, find clients who are passionate about health and wellness, and increase their client base.

The TeamUp Fitness app is now available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness is a social, lifestyle, and fitness dating platform developed to bring the fitness community together. Connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends, new workout partners, and fitness professionals. Simply put, TeamUp is "Where All Fitness Enthusiasts Go to be Seen."

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