TeamUp Fitness App Promotes 'Connection' to Help Motivate and Inspire the Fitness Community with their New Feature: 'Let's Connect'

Let's Connect - TeamUp Fitness App

TeamUp's "Let's Connect" is a premier feature on the app to view member profile's and connect with people who share the same fitness activities and goals.

Let's Connect on the TeamUp Fitness app, the social platform built to bring the entire fitness community together, continues to provide users with a novel way to connect with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and nutritionist to create new friendships, find new workout partners or a fit companion.

After a year such as 2020, staying motivated has become crucial for anyone looking to stay fit. With quarantining protocols and various health issues becoming increasingly relevant with each passing day, fitness enthusiasts can now leverage the TeamUp App to overcome these kinds of challenges and continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle in 2021.

"The Let's Connect feature is a way to bring people together in the year of social distancing, our need for connection has never been stronger! Connection is a way to motivate one another for a healthier mind, body and spirit," said Tony Trombetta, CEO.

The main goal of Let's Connect is to encourage and motivate people to get up and get out of their comfort zones by making a new fitness connection, find new fitness partners both local to their area and virtually from around the world.

Each individual user has the ability to create their own personalized profile, specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts to reflect their interests and goals. This, in addition to the messaging and connectivity features, has positioned the TeamUp Fitness App to be the leading "connection and dating" app of the fitness industry.  

Connect with other fitness enthusiasts who are eager to find the "one true fitness soulmate"!

About TeamUp Fitness

TeamUp Fitness App is a lifestyle platform that's specifically designed to bring the entire fitness community together. TeamUp has positioned itself to be the leading "fitness dating and connection" app for the mind, body and soul. TeamUp is the go-to platform for fitness enthusiasts to connect, engage and find their fitness soulmate!

Tiffany Kayar

Source: TeamUp Fitness