TeamUp Fitness Will Help Find Your Fitness 'Love' Match

The fitness dating app takes online dating to the next level by matching users with compatible partners -- for love and healthy relationships.

The U.S. Open reminds us that sports and commitment go together like dating and dating apps. TeamUp Fitness puts a new spin on "traditional" dating apps by connecting individuals with aligned athletic passions and fitness goals. 

In their doubles match at the recent U.S. Open, tennis players Bjorn Fratangelo and Madison Keys showed us the importance of trust and support in a relationship. After defeat, the two said they were much better off losing together than alone, and that their time on the court together would be one they cherish forever.

"Research shows couples who play sports or go to the gym together are more likely to be in happy, satisfied relationships," said Frank Peperno, Chief Marketing Officer of TeamUp Fitness. "If you live an active lifestyle, have a passion for fitness, and are looking for a partner who makes fitness a priority, then TeamUp is a great option for today's dating scene. As couples focus on shared goals, such as staying healthy or enjoying a sport, they fall more in love. Their interests align and so do their lifestyles."

TeamUp Fitness recognizes having a partner to work out with is a well-known prescription for success. The TeamUp community is a great resource to make those healthy connections.

The decision-making and feeling of highs and lows in playing sports or exercising mirrors real-life experiences that couples inevitably go through. Exercising is a window into an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Sharing that information with a partner is invaluable, as a couple can use that to their advantage, like choosing the next workout playlist. 

The TeamUp Fitness App allows users to connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends and new workout partners. While exercise, wellness, and nutrition are foundational pieces of the app, the social aspect is what makes for successful relationship building. Find your next fitness soulmate or workout partner, yoga buddy, or tennis match by sharing your fitness journeys, workouts, and motivating each other all on the app.

Online dating takes courage, and so does embarking and continuing on a fitness journey. Combining the two streamlines the process of finding a life partner. 

The TeamUp Fitness app is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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